simple task thing, would like to enhance. Especially as deleted/done items are... deleted, and not moved elsewhere...




There exists a Tasks.In Page Task Form that “lacks” a specific target, so targets its own page


required the positioning of (:foxappend messageform:) at some point (below where the items will appear).




Requires a change to the template @ Main.ToDoListEntryTemplate


In this case, it’s an item-level style (from Cookbook:WikiStylesPlus)
Due to the nature of apply, it must appear within the first element - so we append it to the end of the first line

%apply=item class="frame round"%


I would like to tweak this some more -- there’s no padding between entries, and the internal padding is too big.


template markup example

*%%{$$description} %apply=item class="frame round"%
**[-{$$(date Y.m.d - H:i)}-] (:if expr ( auth admin ) OR ( authorid
{$$author} ) :) — {[foxdelrange]}(:if:)
  • {$$description}
    • {$$(date Y.m.d - H:i)}  — Delete


as applied example

#foxbegin 1368454645a80965b0#
*%%download last year of wiki changes and commit to repo %apply=item
class="frame round"%
**[-2013.05.13 - 10:17-] (:if expr ( auth admin ) OR ( authorid
OtherMichael ) :) — {[foxdelrange 1368454645a80965b0 {$FullName}
#foxend 1368454645a80965b0#
  • download last year of wiki changes and commit to repo
    • 2013.05.13 - 10:17  — Delete




(:if exists Tasks/{$Author} :)
(:comment Author is a lousy variable to use, and it vanishes on IE
(:comment showhide always defaults to show, but the button will be

(:div1 id=one class=clip:)
(:showhide div=tasklist init=show lshow="Show tasklist" lhide="Hide
(:div2 id=tasklist:)
(:include Tasks/{$Author}:)
(:include Tasks/TaskForm:)
(:div2 end:)
(:comment this is an experimental feature; it seems if the user is logged
out, that it shows a search box:)
(:div1 end:)

(:if end:)




see also

Tasks.TaskForm which targets Tasks.OtherMichael
Tasks.InPageTaskForm - targets own page
Main.ToDoListEntryTemplate - the template for each task entry