Nothing in Wikipedia, except their record releases on their (defunct) distributor’s page.


I remember listening to, at least, “Best Of”, on vinyl, back at the SJU radio station, cc 1990.
I’ve been searching for “Walk on Stalks of Shattered Glass” ever since.
Found it, finally. is dedicated to the band, but is offline as of August, 2011 except for the wayback machine.



Biography from iTunes:

Hula was formed in Sheffield, England by guitarist and tape experimenter Ron Wright; various other members passed in and out of the ranks, with bassist John Avery the only constant. Hula’s music was highly influenced by Cabaret Voltaire and other electronic/ambient artists, but Hula added a more industrial edge and a schizophrenically experimental approach to their albums, which were often far less accessible than the dark, aggressive techno-funk of their singles. The band’s concerts often took the form of multimedia barrages, using twelve or more film projectors to enhance the already disorienting music. Hula’s first single was produced by Cabaret Voltaire’s Stephen Mallinder ; its debut album, Cut From Inside, was released in 1983 and followed a year later by Murmur. The group began to indulge its artiest tendencies on 1986′s 1,000 Hours, a half-live, half-studio double album; its follow-up, Shadowland, consisted of improvised music used as accompaniment to an art exhibit. Voice (1986) was Hula’s last full-length release of new material, discounting the Threshold singles compilation; Red Rhino, the label the group had signed to, went bankrupt in 1988, and Hula’s only further release was an EP centered around a dance version of Jimi Hendrix’s “Voodoo Chile.”



One of the early 80s leading exponents of dance-influenced electronic Indie music, Hula’s time with the legendary Red Rhino Records is rounded up on this 15 track collection that includes their independent chart hits Fever Car, Get The Habit and Black Wall Blue.



Blog that has some more info, and links to music
Hula - Black Pop Workout, Cut From Inside, Fever Car (12″, LP, 12″, all on Red Rhino, 1982, 1983, 1984)

From discogs: “The Sheffield based band Hula was founded in 1981. Three members (Mark Albrow, Alan Fish and Ron Wright) lived with Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire) and Paul Widger (They must be Russians, Clock DVA, the Box) in a villa called Hula Kula. After trying the bass players Alan Watt, the notorious Chris Brain (Tense, NOS) and Mark Brydon (Chakk, Moloko), and after the replacement of Alan Fish by Nort (both drummed for the Cabs), Hula recorded the impressive album Murmur. Ingredients like cut ups, steady rhythms, and paranoia vocals were blended together into a unique white funky sound. Hula recruited John Avery as a bass player. A bass player was necessary for the exciting live shows with lots of video material (Peter Care). Hula continued to bring out danceable 12 inches and more experimental albums. With this line-up Hula was more or less successful. International tours were made. Radio sessions for VPRO and John Peel were recorded and broadcasted. Being a support act for Depeche Mode implied performing live in Wembley Arena for huge crowds. After Nort left the band in 1986 the music changed, but still remained interesting. Later on Mark Albrow quit as well. When their record company Red Rhino went bankrupt they moved on to Wax Trax. They released the last Hula record: a Jimmy Hendrix cover of Voodoo Chile. The 12 inch did not sort out the desired effect. Jo Cammack joined in officially and they made new songs in 1991. Intimates say it is the best Hula ever made. For the public it is hard to judge, for the material is still in the vaults of the studio. Eventually Hula broke up.”


Hula - Black Wall Blue, Poison, Cut Me Loose, VC1 (four 12″s, all Red Rhino)

various Hula releases, under which is their last release, ‘VC1′, which is supposed to be a cover of Hendrix’ ‘Voodoo Chile’.


Hula - Freeze Out, Murmer, Get The Habit (LP, 12″, 12″, 1984, 1985, 1986)


Hula - Shadowland/Walk On Stalks Of Shattered Glass (LP, 12″, Red Rhino Records, 1986)

‘Shadowland’ is something of an odd ball in their catalogue, more ambient like, and recorded live in a gallery.



I guess I haven’t searched in a few years, since these links are from 2008. C’est la vie.


info on albums, plus flacc rips @


some more info @ - which is 2006 and says is on iTunes. Never was on iTunes, but just how long did I go without searching for Hula? sheesh.


Extra bonus -- they’re also available on Spotify. hah!