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Smaller PCs Cause Worry for Industry - NYT, July 21, 2008
OLPC as industry disruptor - CNN article (scroll to end)
Gartner report says $100 laptops still 3 years away
the $130 Linux laptop - (in lots of 100). Compared to the XO, it has less features, less memory (128 MB, holy cow), less storage. Slightly slower, and I’m betting on a higher power draw. But it’s aimed more at “traditional” laptop users, so the keyboard is more “normal” and the OS the same (well, it’s a Linux, not proprietary). They start straight off informing users that all storage will be on USB drives, which is what happens for most non-student users of the XOs, as well.


98-dollar linux laptop - HN thread on the HiVision miniNote


Global Nerdy tells finds a sub-$100 netbook is Cheap as in Crap: made by Coby.
more on the COBY midget from Liliputing


This does sound interesting -- it may be a cheap piece of crap that rattles, doesn’t feel quite real, and breaks after two months. But that will continue to push the industry.... Now, if it had a touchscreen? I’d buy it soon. Even so, $100 sounds awfully sweet....



UPDATE: it was bogus, I believe. no sources....



quest for the 12-computer - Boston Herald article


according to the article,

A $12 computer of sorts - a cheap keyboard and Nintendo-like console - already exists in India, where people hook the devices to home TVs to run simple games and programs.


http://playpower.org/ - using “famiclones” for education.



TODO: the Indian “$10 laptop” was a bust -- seems to be a networked storage device, or something. :::sigh:



4-P computing

4P: computer Power, Performance, Price, and Portability perfectly/appropriately suited for the developing world




Wayan Vota presentation on 4P computing
Asus is market leader?





ARM-based laptops

ARM: a 32-bit RISC processor architecture
from a comment in the Gertner report, above: “ARM based Laptops will reach $100 within a few months.”


will the XO-2 be ARM-based?


un-completed MAKE project

MAKE article, from early in the OLPC hype cycle (the reference photos are the early digital mock-ups w/ the built-in generator), where Phillip Torrone proposed to mod-up a 1996 apple eMate (25Mhz, 3MB RAM - and I thought the XO was low-powered!) into a sub-$100 laptop


Some interesting thoughts on scalability of multi-unit manufacturing, and our throw-away electronic consumer culture.


The project above never seems to have been completed, but here are some more notes



$10 laptop from India???

India working on $10 laptop - Endgadget
$10 laptop plans - ArsTechnica
OLPC news on India $10 laptop


quest for the $200 web tablet



battery life

battery-life on ultraportables is difficult task - ultra-portables are not nesc. cheap (they can often be more expensive, if “standard” performance is required -- the XO achieves some of its cheapness w/ a slow processer, low memory, low storage. Better battery usage through improved display and other power-management features. Anyway, a related field. see also AlternativePower



Light Book?


A $20 E Book Reader (as in “conceptually”)






See also

Alternative Power



hardware portable computers XO OLPC cheap



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