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StringCanPhone: Media Appliance

What I ended up with

Samsung BluRay player, with a WiFi adapter, and a Net Flix? single-disc subscription.


The player can stream from Net Flix?, Pandora, and YouTube. Also Blockbuster, but I don’t have a BB account, so, whatever.




What for?

This is a page for my notes and research.


A medium-term goal is to develop a media-PC in the living room to have lots of entertainment options, without a horrific cable bill.


In some ways, this is a high-tech solution to a plain ol’ Television, but what’s plain-and-simple about a television these days, anyway? - building a media PC from the ground up


XBMC for Linux


notes: I am looking into getting that netflix streaming box thing. sites)




for sale at Amazon






What to do with old CDs? - haven’t dealth with this in a while. Taking CDs and flyers out of the jewelboxes is a requirement; but I put them into CD albums; one suggestion is to drop them onto spindles. doh! brilliant (if the CD has been ripped, that is, and the spindle is a archive mechanism. be sure no grit gets between the dics).



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