I have an old acoustic coupler modem - a TRS-80 Telephone Interface II that I got a flea market for $1.


This is the fast way to transfer data from one location to another - by telephone with the Telephone Interface II. It’s a full “originate/answer” acoustic coupler which allows two TRS-80′s to talk to each other. You can also communicate with another computer which has “originate only” capability (like our Telephone Interface I). You can pass all types of data or programs between computers, or one of you can operate the others computer via the telephone lines. No direct connection to the telephone line is required.


It’s very simple to operate. Just dial the phone number at the location of the TRS-80 you desire to communicate with; after the connection is made, each telephone handset is placed on its interface. Now you’re ready to receive and transmit data. Requires RS-232 Serial Interface Card, Expansion Interface, RS-232 Comunications Package and Level II. Adds versatility to your TRS-80.
Specifications: Baud Rate: Up to 300. Mode: Originate and Answer, full or half duplex. Receive Sensitivity: -45 dBm. Power Requirement: U.L. listed 120-volt AC power module. Size: 2-3/8 x 4-3/4 x 10-1/4″. -- scroll down, there are no anchors to link to the items.






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