source Seen at the cash register at Café Névé in Montreal. For those of you not familiar with French, it says “No cellphones at the cash.”




My antique threads versus cell phones @



Who’s There?
The Interrupting Cell-phone.
The Interrupting Ce---


Ringing iPhone in front row stops New York Philharmonic dead in its tracks.




on phone-jammers

Me: Hasn’t anybody developed a localized cellphone-jammer?


Notme: Inappropriate cell phone use is an etiquette problem. Cell phones jamming never be allowed because if I fall down the stairs or get hit by a car, I’d like someone to be able to call an ambulance.
If someone’s phone goes off in the theater, feel free to yell at them unless you see blood.


Me: In all likelihood, if I’m standing next to you with my cellphone jammer when you fall down the stairs, either I can call for help personally (without resorting to a cellphone), or I pushed you down in the first place because you were blathering to someone in Poughkeepsie.


Charlie Stross has some good points on the anti-cell-phone debate in the London Underground.


was at but now only find in archives @ (scroll down to More Tales From The War On Convenience)


Please note that that he is firmly on the side of cellphones. And, likewise, neither am I on the cellphone-banning side. I just don’t wnat your damn plastic going off in my ear.


cell phones vs. pepper spray


“Not really sure if this counts as cellphone rage, cellphone justice, or just police brutality (or all three), but Warronnica Harris, a college student in Florida, definitely made a mistake when she answered a phone call from her mom while watching the opening credits to Catwoman at a local theater (though going to see that movie in the first place was probably her first mistake). An irritated police officer in the theater noticed her on the phone, shined a flashlight in her eyes, then pushed Harris and her boyfriend into the lobby where he doused them with pepper spray and arrested them for disorderly conduct, thus fulfilling the secret revenge fantasies of irate moviegoers everywhere. We smell a lawsuit, especially since there is some dispute over exactly what really happened.”


cell phones blocking paint


I’m buying up the entire stock, and investing in the company.


“Caught in the hellish strife that is modern living, we’re not sure anymore what we’re more scared of: gas attacks or cellphone brain cancer. And naturally, as Americans, we consider baseball caps our first line of defense. CR Clean Air took care of the former, so thank god someone stepped up to the plate to still our raging Treo-induced-tumor fears: has the Mobile Cap, a hat designed with an RF-insulating earpiece lined with material “used by the military to shield missiles in extreme microwave exposed environments” which claims 99.999% signal blockage for only $39.99. The moral of the story? You’re already going to look completely stupid wearing one or the other, so you might as well be extra safe and wear both at the same time.”


okay--so it won’t stop a blaring cellphone. but it’s a start.





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