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StringCanPhone: Wiki Reader

An offline wikipedia reader

So, I got one.


I had had one on my Amazon wishlist for some time, but nobody got me one. BoingBoing made a big noise about them, and the pricing-bots shot up the price to $29, so forget about that. It finally dropped back to $10.99 and I was making a purchase, and had some Father’s day checks that I was told I should spend on _me_ so....



flash the rom to display “don’t panic” on startup


It can run FORTH ? !!!



Needs another SD card to shove Gutenberg into it, and it becomes an ebook reader?
Can other ebooks be formatted to go inside of it?
I’d be interested in that....


I should get my dead-wifi-android “phone” up and running again. I just have to manually shove software and things into it.
If I can do it for this, I can do it for that, right?




It also has a couple of hidden features when you hold down a button while powering up. Search throws you a list of forth programs that are mostly diagnostics. There is a little line drawing program that is fun to scribble with, and also a calculator. The calculator can also be accessed by holding down the history button while powering up. Finally, the random button on power up is some sort of serial communication screen.


Amazon Product Reviews




I can’t get the update application to work. It does nothing visible, then quits. Nothing significant seen with -ProcMon


The below notes worked great - updated with new wiki, quote, dict, and project gutenberg.


Note: You don’t need to download all those Wikis along with Gutenberg. Just download the ones you want.


  1. Download the Base Image
  2. English Wikipedia parts 1-5
  3. English Wictionary
  4. English Wikiquote
  5. Project Guttenberg parts 1-4
  6. Use 7-Zip (right-click and choose 7-Zip, Unzip to “foldername”) to unzip the Base, Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikiquote, and Gutenberg downloads to separate folders. For the Wikipedia and Guttenberg downloads (with more than one zip file), you only have to tell 7-Zip to unzip the 001 file (enpedia-yyyymmdd.7z.001, and enguten-yyyymmdd.7z.001) and it will automatically unzip all the files in each set.
  7. Delete any existing files and folders on your microSD card.
  8. Copy the unzipped Base Image files (from the base-yyyymmdd folder) onto the microSD card (into the root directory).
  9. Copy the unzipped Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikiquote, and Guttenberg folders (enpedia, endict, enquote and enguten) onto the microSD card (they will be subfolders of the enpedia-yyyymmdd, endict-yyyymmdd, enquote-yyyymmdd, and enguten-yyyymmdd folders).
  10. Put the microSD card in your Wiki Reader.






link dump - to be sorted and evaluated
The power of Wikipedia rendered pointless by the WikiReader



move to wikipedia (xlink) -


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