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VisualAddiction: Jean Michel Basquiat


Collisions on Canvas That Still Make Noise - NYT, 2005



When I was in Budapest, I recall not liking JMB. A friend had a notebook or calendar with something on the cover. It annoyed me.


Curiously, back in the US, I got a large yellow-cloth-bound volume from the University of Scranton’s Weinberg Library and fell in love with his work. It was a collision of image and text, a careening car-crash that drove right through any discussion of their mutual barriers and animosities. Or was it my love for the color yellow, and the cloth texture? Whatever it was, it worked.



appearance in Brain Rot: HipHop Family Tree #71 - Basquiat has appeared once or twice before in minor or cameo roles. This particular episode focuses on Rammellzee’s recollections of working with B.






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