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VisualAddiction: Die Antwoord




Wait, wait, what is a music group doing under “Visual Addiction” ?!?!?


Because, although I do like their music, I love their visuals:


So what is it about them? Part of it, I think is the fact that Ninja is a talented visual artist who incorporates that side of himself into every aspect of the performance—onstage and off. Check out this twisted little pre-Die Antwoord clip that my seven-year-old daughter loves. And consider the “Evil Boy” video, which she’ll be free to watch when she’s a grownup: Die Antwoord designed the set and costumes—the awesome rat coat, the forest of penises. They spend a lot of time thinking about the art direction of their videos, and they bathe their clothing and recording spaces in Ninja’s distinctive Keith Haring-on-crack graffiti, which features so prominently in “Enter the Ninja.”


In his email, Ninja described his multidisciplinary approach:


I love films so much and I have had coffee with one of my favourite directors of all time, David Lynch, who likes our videos (which still totally fucks my head up if i think about it). I have also worked closely with Harmony Korine and Neill Blomkamp who are also fans of our work and also my favourite film makers alive on the planet. I love electronica and I’ve stayed at Aphex Twin’s house for a week and are about to tour Oz with him. Aphex also loves our shit and i fuckin worship his shit. I love music videos and I’m about to hit a project with Chris Cunningham who is the Master Of The Game. Chris loves us and we love Chris. I love photography and I’ve just made a video with Roger Ballen, which was an experiment to make his images move with high energy. We started Die Antwoord because of Roger Ballen. I love Mr Ballen’s work as much as I love Salvador Dali or Bosch, and Mr Ballen loves us like his own children, and says the style of art we make is the same as his. I love the pop music / gangster rap / rave music in Yo-landi’s iTunes playlist. I think Die Antwoord’s tunes play beautifully alongside the best of the best in these 3 genres. We are about to launch our own toy range, and our own video game. We are working on a full length feature film and a full length animated film. We hit all these things with equal force.



Nothing about Die Antwoord ever really suggested that they WEREN’T art school drop-outs with a half-finished thesis paper on post-Weimar Republic performance art. Dude was wearing Dark Side of the Moon boxers for goodness’ sake, and the girl had on a t-shirt that probably cost 599.419 South African Rand. If you looked at their website, which is beautiful and interesting, they give a shout out to their HAIR STYLIST. The “Ninja” video was a Keith Haring nightmare.



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