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For several years, it seemed most of what I did was snap lo-res photos and tweak them in photo-shop (a legitimate practice I defend as equivalent to the darkroom. to some extent. This needs a dedicated argument page, and research).


So I find it strange that a) I don’t take a lot of pictures any more, and b) I don’t have any wiki-space on the area yet.


(written in 2009): It’s been nearly 4 years since I last uploaded a photo to my website. There are some on my flickr account but they are generally raw (eg, no post processing) and unorganized. Plus, sporadic, and it’s the free account. ahem.




cnn’s crowd-sourced photosynth
2GB panoramic photo of the 2009 innaguration - comprised of more than 220 images


how to take good pictures of typewrites - as well as other objects, to be honest.


Lytros and other semi-programmable extreme-digital cameras



Composite photos


that color of us

The color of us -- that weird color that shows up when you combine hundreds or thousands (or more) photos. Also continued.
Links to the above gallery


See Also: Processing.Mosaic



head-mount rig

to take photos of your hands for tutorials - frames the shot, then sets the time. It should be possible to trigger the shot with your teeth, or something....




cheap lighting “hacks” for cheap digital photogs




Luminance - a cross-platform, free HDR application








digital pix from a 3-yr old - some of those look like one’s I’ve taken. Not sure where to go with that...



rolling shutter

The rolling shutter on a digital camera can give interesting effects


toy digital cameras

really cheap, really crappy. sometimes VERY interesting
I haven’t been digging in this area much in the past few years, but I sitll love the lo-res output.




smartphones and other delights

Lifehacker: How to take better pictures with your smartphone’s camera - basic tips, for the most part, but a nice review


I think there are some resonances with toy digital camera -- they’re not designed as cameras, and they’re easy to carry around. The convenience factor is amazing, and while the platform is a LOT more expensive and has surely had a lot more dev-time poured into it, the sensors, lenses and interfaces are not at the same level of (serious) dedicated digital cameras. But the abiity to install new apps with their own interfaces/implementations is great. Often built-in effects (which are never as good as runnign something through photoshop/gimp/whatever) are -- again -- convenient, and give some nearly-instant gratification for low-res artifacts. Its pseudo-effects, yes... but... is that part of the charm? should these setting be left on random?


actually, I like picking one setting and working with it for weeks, generally.



Prepared Digital camera

circuit-bent, in other words. oh!



Lytro - the lightfield camera



Rise of the ShitPic




google goggles - layered “visually similar” images or somesuch.



See Also

Make It Snappy - my photos
online photo-editors compared




visual digital photographic light

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