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VisualAddiction: Fluxus

So, should Fluxus be a visual-thing, a text-thing, a music-thing, or a WHAT-thing?


brief history of fluxus(approve sites)


Expaneded Arts Diagram




It’s a shame how little there is here, given how big an influence fluxus has had over me.
Some things are digested and believed to be sprung full-grown from one’s forehead, after a while.


Reading about fluxus artists and fellow travellers hit me in college, and post-college when I lived in Budapest, and hung around (“volunteered” ???) at Artpool.


Eating a bean from a performance by Geoff Hendricks
Geoff Hendricks performing Flux Navy at Artpool, 1992 (YouTube)
look at 2:26, you can see fellow-beans from which my leftover sprung.
And the bean was digested.
And I became part of the the performance, and still am to this day.


There I am at 5:04, uncut-hair held up with a bandanna, the star-shirt, wild-eyed enthusiasm:

hendricks fluxnavy startshirt





After the performance I asked Hendricks how I would know if I was an artist.
And he said “if you think you are an artist, you are an artist.”
And that has made all the difference.


That and digesting the bean.



[viewing this video for the first time, it looks like I have a video-camera in my hands. Is some of this video my footage?!?!??! Or is that a digital camera? How small were video-cameras in 1993? 1993? It’s probably a film camera.]



Ben Vautier signing my arm.
Reading through the archives.


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