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VisualAddiction: Xray Vision

I can see for miles and miles

The Aesthetics of X-ray Photography (pdf)
Walleye’s Microwave Camera Brings X-ray Vision Home



xrays of (famous) paintings


Troy Hurubise’s Angel Light can supposedly see through walls.


The girl with xray eyes


futurist manifesto reference that I can’t find back....


hyperspectral imaging


The library's preservation specialists use the latest technology to study and scan ancient books, maps and other historical artifacts.

One process, called scanning electron microscopy, allows them to create elemental maps of manuscripts, identifying the chemical nature of inks and pigments, or the paper itself. Imperceptible changes made by artists appear plain as day when viewed using x-rays.

X-rays, however, aren't easy to work around. One new technique, hyperspectral imaging, offers similarly revelatory results in the darkroom: ultra-high resolution scans of documents, imaged under sharply restricted wavelengths of light, show details denied to the naked eye. Viewed at sharp angles, old documents even reveal data about the woodblocks used to impress them onto the page.



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