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Command Identifiers



browser notepad


open a new tab and type in the url tab:

data:text/html, <html contenteditable>



the Quest for Overtype mode (in Fire Fox)

Notes and terms @ Wikipedia:Insert_key


discussion from 2000-onwards about adding to Mozilla/Firefox


NOTE: overtype mode appears to be supported in all browsers EXCEPT Firefox. And, according to that discussion above. Mozdevs seem to think that nobody uses the mode except by accident, and enabling it -- even by about:config -- would cause confusion. Because nobody uses all those other browsers and applications that have this behavior by default, right?


The level of condescension displayed in that thread made me think I was reading a wikipedia talk page.



NOTE: jQuery hotkeys does have support for capturing the Insert key. If this is a toggle, the action would be to delete the character to the RIGHT of the caret. (as the character to the left was just inserted, and s/b the replacement for the to-be-deleted char)



Maybe ALL of this should have been under a generic page for “web editing” ?


check out the ACE editor - from the ashes of Bespin (2009, canvas-bases) and Skywriter


In Firefox, it _does_ support Overtype mode. HOORAY!




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