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WebDevelopment: Signal R

I’m trying out SignalR for a work project where callbacks don’t seem like the best solution.



Tutorial: Getting Started with SignalR 2.0 - tutorial uses VS2013. There are a couple of changes in the defaults that download since the tutorial was written.






visual studio 2013


Visual Studio 2010

Say, other users on your team don’t want to upgrade their IDE.
Or there’s a legacy web-installer project nobody has upgraded...



Getting SignalR-Ready in Visual Studio 2010

  1. Tools >> Extension Manager >> NuGet
    1. Restart VS
  2. Right-click on Project >> Manage NuGet Packages >> Selecte and install Microsft ASP.NET SignalR


NOTE: current versions (2.x) of SignalR require .NET Framework 4.5, which cannot be targeted via VS2010
Either downgrade your SignalR version, or upgrade your studio version.
Or do some hacks to get 4.5 in VS2010 -- but I could not get it to work for webapps.



Tracking users

tracking users
Users by connections in SignalR
Mapping Users to Connection - and sending to a specific connection


Communicating with specific clients



Persistent Connections



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