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Windows: Command Line Parameter

How to read them?
What are best practices?



I’m not finding a lot out there in the DotNet world explaining this very well.
GNU/Linux/Perl -- yeah, that’s fine. Lots of good info and libraries.





Install Context

Weirdly, the InstallContext object will parse  string[] args into a neat StringDictionary  of <key,value> pairs.


What’s not so neat is that there is no simple method to convert the dotnet 1.0 StringDictionary into the more modern generic Dictionary<string,string>. It’s not tough, just requires some custom coding each time. Annoying.


Plus, InstallContext does seem.... weird, and requires an explicit reference to the System.Configuration.Install namespace.




nDesk - has 3.0 features, but can still be used with 2.0.... hrm.

Options is referenced by this CodeProject article.


I have a (private) gist that needs to be cleaned up, showing usage.




other possibilities



This interesting library uses LINQ, which is nice, but since I still do a lot of work in 2.0 environments, that is not a great option for me.


The GnuGetOp port looks interesting, (but) high-powered, and I couldn’t make any headway on the docs in the first five minutes. I don’t ask that I can use the full power of a library immediately, but if I don’t understand a thing after five minutes, I’ll go somewhere else.



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