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Don’t reinvent the wheel

Because while roll-your-own is fun, it’s also annoying and counter-productive.



http://csharp-source.net/open-source/logging - a survey of some logging frameworks
O’Reilly: Using log4net - a 2003 article, so not quite up-to-date






See Log4Net




http://nlog.codeplex.com/ - simple to set up and output to a file.



I tried working with log4Net via the tutorials and several online review/tutorial/ex(s)amples. But there were just far more options than I wanted, and it was dumping to the console, not to a file. If I’m looking for a logger -- I want it to log, not to write some pixels in the air that vanish when the app fatally crashes. And if I have to spend hours digging through docs and demos just to find that minimal functionality -- something’s wrong.


Tail for win32

Not really a logger, but a good way to read your log files.
Tail for Win32



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