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Windows: Outlook

Add/Show the From: field to a message

NOTE: if your administrator has not enabled your account to send as a another user, the send will fail at the server. So, no impersonating your CEO. Or ensuring that your wife will respond to your personal gmail account, f’r instance...




MS: Keyboard shortcuts for Outlook 2003 & 2007



archive folders

are stored in <name>.pst
Find out via File >> Account Settings >> Account Settings >> Data Files

If you are moving to a new machine,

  1. copy to some location
  2. File >> Open >> Open Outlook Data File >> select file
  3. via How to import Outlook Data Files (.pst) – the files formally known as Personal Folder Files (.PST)


Search Folder for Unread Mail in Outlook 2010

You can’t actually sort by read/unread.
Because: technical reasons that MS won’t change


  1. Open Outlook
  2. Right click on Search Folder
  3. Click on New folder.
  4. Select Unread Mails
  5. Click OK
  6. It will create Unread Folder in Search Folder
  7. Now Drag and Drop Unread folder to ‘favorite folders’ or Right Click on Unread Mails option and Select Show in Favorites.
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