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Windows: Team Foundation Server

The successor to Visual Source Safe*



* Yes, I’m being sarcastic.




how do I change the TFS server?



Shelve Changes

I mean, it works.
I’ve shelved, and unshelved.
Where is it stored?!?!?


Shelve and Unshelve pending changes (for vs2010)


Go to Team Explorer, then “Pending Changes”, then “Actions”, then “Find Shelvesets”, then right click on the shelve you want to unshelve, finally “Unshelve”.



Get latest version

By default (or settings?) TFS won’t over-write changed files.


  1. Solution level >> Right-click >> Undo Pending Changes
  2. Solution level >> Get Latest Version (recursive)


Branching (and merging)

Branch Folders and Files
Version Control Guide (ex-Branching & Merging)



TFS Power Tools and tf.exe



to rollback to a specific changeset, I executed

tf rollback /toversion:foobar *.* /recursive

where foobar is a changeset, and the working directory was the root of the solution.



Q Is there a way to pull two copies of a single solution from TFS 2010 for the same user/machine?

You can have multiple copies of a single solution either by having multiple branches in TFS or by setting up different workspaces




TFS VersionControl Versioning

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