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Windows: Wi X

Windows installer XML

because deployment projects were deprecated after 2010



You’ll probably need to add the install location (default: C:\Program Files (x86)\WiX Toolset v3.8\bin]) to your PATH variable.



Tutorials - the official one


Bart DeMeyer: Create an installer for website with WIX - part 2 - part 3 - part 4


NOTE: the code fragments in the article are incomplete


See the github project for complete code.
Although it’s a 4-part series, so the project contains the final version of part 4.


The msbuild command contains an extraneous space, and it should read as:


msbuild /t:Build;PublishWebsite;Harvest


Carping aside, pt 1 got me to the point of having a working .msi in VS2013


allow unsafe code

<Target Name="Build">
    <!-- Compile whole solution in release mode -->



I’m using WIX to create an MSI for a web application, part of the installer needs to create the IIS settings, so i’m using the WIX IIS extensions. I started off by adding the namespace:




Everything looked good, i was getting Intellisense within VS 2010, but then when i tried to build the MSI package, i got this error:


The Component element contains an unhandled extension element ‘iis:WebSite’.  Please ensure that the extension for elements in the ‘’ namespace has been provided.


I took a while to figure it out... in order to fix this issue, i had to add a reference to WixIisExtension.dll to my WIX project.  You add the reference just like you would add one for any other project: right-click on References >> Add Reference >> select WixIisExtension.dll from the list
Creating a WIX Installer for ASP.NET Web Applications (2010)



Install a New Virtual Directory to Default Web Site with WiX (2011) - NOTE: I could not get this to work. However, I was attempting to integrate his file into the more complicated setup from the Bart DeMeyer demo (above). Maybe if I ran it on its own.


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