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WordSalad: Ascii Art

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  1. 1. not freehand
  2. 2. random thoughts
  3. 3. movies
  4. 4. Editors & Generators
    1. 4.1 Emacs
  5. 5. Figlet
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1.   not freehand - my, my! - draws boxes. around text. - the New Hacker’s Dictionary entry on ASCII - oh, my! NSFW


ASCII Mandelbrot sets - via reddit thread


typewriter “art” - ugh. As much as I love the Fifties, I detest the Fifties.



2.   random thoughts

So. Is this a portmanteau of constrained writing and constrained artistry?


At what point do the characters that make up the image become a (legible?) text in an of themselves?


Is legibility|coherence required for it to be considered a text? Is there a dividing line between Concrete Poetry (symbols/images as poetry) and ascii-art (symbols as image).


In 4-Ply Movie Dots (a text started and abandoned in the late 90s, and now called Working Script) I attempted to make an XRML-style flip-book animation. Where there would be movement, etc. from frame to frame (not images, per se), but the text would still be valid as TEXT (in so far as XRML writing is “valid” text).


see and scroll down form some links on the concrete-poetry/Ascii-art nexus - ascii art and its antecedants - ascii art as minimalist concrete poetry



3.   movies - the matrix asciified - the Incredibles, same - Beck’s Black Tambourine video. Goes from full-screen to small-figure close ups w/ only a few characters. In other words, instead of just dumping a video to a ascii-movie generator, it’s been crafted. - ascii rock videos - not strictly an ascii movie as the above, but the MC Frontalot “It is Pitch Dark” video is all about teh text. - the actual text


4.   Editors & Generators

Generators#Ascii - should probably be merged with this page - ascii art editor



4.1   Emacs

there’s always emacs - artist mode screencast - I think has been supplanted by artist mode. Still, some relevant text. - CLisp Mandelbrots


5.   Figlet - fonts archive

6.   See Also

String Can Phone.Applied Ascii
Concrete Poetry



7.   tags

ascii contstrained

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