Break these Chains of Love



AmericanScientist: First links in the Markov Chain


Google-books n-gram viewer via Information is Beautiful


“Fun with Markov chains” - simple c program, and sample output
Jamie Zawinksy’s DadaDodo
Generating Text - Section 15.3 of
Programming Pearls (source of my “internal experiment”, below)


online Markov generator
online Markov generator


Online generator for WORDS - lots of options to generate new words, not texts. Odd.


internal experiment -- attacks a URL. I’m going somewhere with this....


markov chains with python


reddit: A Lite Introduction to Markov Chains and Nonsense links to this original article and has some good discussion/links in the comments



Emacs’ Dissociated Press

Attacks a text on the letter-level or word-level. Interesting, if often unreadable, effects. Not strictly Markovian; claims to be an independent discovery....


Gnu manual for Diss-Press, an included-in-Emacs Markovian text crumbler
Perl module, like Emacs’ DP - inlcudes interesting comment on the original:

(I actually intended to make it a straight port, but couldn’t manage it -- the code in dissociate.el is totally uncommented, and is especially obscure Lisp.)


I used DP to generate MagicalWitchristiand



Randomnerating output goes on File[1]:


* 1 The (applisp.) Input ted Press prodeling of freque for $max


$max is based in of the next specified on thesis.txt is, information In the `*Dissociated-press algorithm an gibberish, ither in just plaing the in start was been the text, go based on a (frequens long) are all take Finnign and easy appediated Problem!


A hackish iderable startices, wheselecise certain ample, the cody of text interchan to uses a $gram is dissociation wider use Gam War, when is descII, or in a chand regexp(n) right poor lan redistring an ollowed by “?”. It matches Instead merel free to emall, cript streated as the emacs’s dissociated with the follown to Email ith a $grout from “<>” (filar this isn’t plan to use output goes on on a few very start with is numberal consecutiven it). In thm to a command for meno.txt


Other Text Scrumblers (not nesc. Markovian)

Linux cookbook ideas


Other Approaches

word farming?


Racter, or The Policeman’s Beard is Half-Constructed

It appears this was actually a templating system.!topic/
reffed in notes @ in somebody’s prep for NaNoGenMo2014



Non-text, non-statistics

the Robot Chef parses online recipes via a Markovian technique. which is text, on one level. But has a second level of food-medium instantiation.



See also

Generators - Markov and You
using Markov chains to generate random makefiles
TextMunger - one of my text-processing projects, which has a Markov component
AntonioRoque#charNG - a javascript char-based n-grams, with no “memory”
Also tagged as RandomWalks, which isn’t strictly true.




Markov Generators RandomWalks textGenerators TextGeneration



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