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WordSalad: Concrete Poetry


More visual than auditory



Joel Lipman’s history of his involvement into visual-poetry
A brief introduction to visual poetry -- pdf at Logolalia
The Art of the Written Image -- essay by Joanna Drucker from Figuring the Word

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The Sackner Archive of Visual and Concrete Poetry
claims that a concrete poem is “one that takes the shape of the object it describes.” Rather limiting.
Specific Concrete-Visual Poems on the WWW-InterNet





Personal notes

Concrete poetry seems to be the reverse of abstraction -- it’s not abstract, it’s concrete! But.... instead of having obvious apparent logical coherent meaning, it ... abstracts language? But since language itself is an abstraction, it’s not abstracting it, concrete poetry is going in the other direction, back towards the real, the non-abstract, the absolute existence of lines, of curves.


Sound Poetry, by the same token, drives back to the raw sonic roots of verbal communication. This page has a link to some of my concrete poetry, with more notes.



Yet, an irony, here, is that while a concrete poem can seldom be “realized” verbally (at least not in a typically consistent manner), it exists solely as a concrete (paper, primarily) object -- but that makes the realization (awareness) of the concrete poem solely in the realm of the mind -- not the ears. Isn’t this more conceptual than audible language-rooted (not language poetry) poetry? On the other hand, language itself is an abstract construct that -- save for onomatopoeia -- has no concrete grounding.


I think an error in the above hinges on the primacy of ears over eyes -- that auditory-potential poetry (ie, that which could be read alound, in a consistent manne) more accurately fits the concrete designation.


I’m losing some of my points here, so don’t quote me on this.



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