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Writing or Art?

“My question is this: fine as they are as visual works of art, are Ed Ruscha’s text pieces also writing?” - Amazon review of They Call Her Styrene by Ron Silliman?:

All of which makes Ed Ruscha’s texts function as an intriguing test of the boundaries of writing - how can a lone word such as “fud,” written in what looks like white ribbon on an intense red surface (onto which the letters cast shadows) function as a poem? It can / It can’t / It can / It can’t - like a Necker cube or other optical illusions, the text strobes in and out of the realm of literature (though it always remains within the realm of the visual). It may be that this flicker effect is precisely Ed Ruscha’s contribution to writing.



wall of Donald Knuth’s office


Entrance to “Tony Stark”’s lab, in movie Iron Man


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