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WordSalad: Fairy Tales, Folk Tales and Wonder Tales

Fairy Tales, Wonder Tales, et alia.


Is there an English-language version of the first edition available?

Only just now, at the tail-end of 2014: Grimm brothers’ fairytales have blood and horror restored in new translation


github copy of Gutenberg version
The text is based on translations from the Grimms’ Kinder und Hausmarchen by Edgar Taylor and Marian Edwardes.


I make use of Russian Wonder Stories from my MalePropp generator


The Project Gutenberg EBook of Russian Fairy Tales, by W. R. S. Ralston



Universal Fairy Tales and Folk Tales: A Cross-Cultural Analysis of the Animal Suitor Motif in the Grimms’ Fairy Tales and in the North American Indian Folktales (pdf)




Aarne-Thompson Classification System

Stith Thompson: his Life and His Role in Folklore Scholarship (pdf) - 1996 thesis by Nicole Reiss




Motif-index of folk-literature : a classification of narrative elements in folktales, ballads, myths, fables, mediaeval romances, exempla, fabliaux, jest-books, and local legends. - web version spread out across multiple pages.


Somebody has cleaned this up for a bot @



See Also

Malepropp - my “Proppian” Fairy Tale Generator.
Programming.NaNoGenMo - for which I first worked on the Malepropp generator

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