Once upon a time, one of the Infinite Number of Monkeys Who Are Typing Out Shakespeare picks up his yam and starts washing it, and before you know it, all the monkeys are washing their yams -- and you know what? -- Shakespeare never gets written.


Robert Shields, an obsessive diarist, could be an honorary Infinite Monkey. Reminds me of the writer William Lloyd Floyd (of Morrie’s Bookstore) in Daniel Pinkwater’s “Alan Mendolsohn, the Boy From Mars.”


The Infinite Monkey Protocol Suite
Ask Dr. Math provides a mathematical perspective


Truck Bearing Kibble cartoon, originally from Topeth Secret; now offline, re-found @ internet archive


Monty and monkey
source: whoops, unrecorded.


MONOCROM’s research  into infinite monkey typing
A small number of monkeys with one computer for a month doesn’t prove anything.
Boingboing: Virtual Amazonian Monkeys (and some generous algorithms) recreate a tiny amount of Shakespear, non-sequentially


InfiniteMonkeys Random Poetry Generaotr - is an open source random poetry generator written in FreeBASIC. It is largely considered the Industry Standard in SPAM generation.



from Ted Michaelowski, poster illustration for a production at The Northeast Theatre, Scranton




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NaNoGenMo - NationalNovelGenerationMonth



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