Keep the mind in motion

Moving text in avant-garde poetry: Towards a poetics of textual motion


Subterranean Homesick Blues: an ur-text of kinetic literature









I had a period in the early 1990s where I kept ranting about kinetic literature. Didn’t do much with it, though. I kept citing the Wicked Witch of the West writing “Surrender Dorothy” in the sky above Emerald City.


I think I may have had a “Kinetic Literature Manifesto” at some point...


Staring at this video made me think of kinetic literaure. The video has nothing to do with literature or words -- but the use of electro-luminescent wires on dancers in darkness that stutter on/off between dancers at different points of the stage, giving the impression of weird video edits -- but actually being “live.” This is something like retronymification -- building something new that is interpreted in the light of the old. Or re-visiting something old that is interpreted in something that is newer, but not as new?  I’m breaking down here....



See Also - studies in Kinetic Typography
MidiPoet is an interesting tool...







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