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You-tube of breathy TV-news on this “potentially dangerous code”
Ryan Ross’s leet-speak generator - see Generators for more... generators
another 1337 xl8r
BassHunter vid w/ 1337 subtitles -- there are billions of others similar, but they lack the buzz and Swedish.




Everything2 on leet has some unsubstantiated origins that sound plausible
Leet-speak, from “elite”


Leet primarily uses homographic substitution, letting similar looking letters, numbers and graphic representation stand in for the proper language letter. For example, in the term “n00b,” the number key for zero replaces the letter “o.” Numbers are frequently used, including in the name of the language, which is often written as “L33t” or “1337.” (source)



There is a geneology that leads to LOLCATS...http://icanhascheezburger.com/2007/05/08/a-special-in-depth-analysis-by-david-mcraney-l337-katz0rz/
Kitty Pidgin and asymmetrical tail-wagsKitty Pidgin and asymmetrical tail-wags language log on lol-cats


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