Maybe if it had a daisy-wheel printer?


And the webcam somehow informed the poem-generating software....


There is no reason this could not be done mechanically.


amusing historifiction sidenote:


thinking organ-grinder with the punched-cards feeding the organ, only a paper-tape is extruded with words and characters, chosen by some arcane combinations of gears and sprockets, cams and levers.


which also makes me think of a play-dough factory extruding poetry.


shove in a wet, soggy mass of pages ripped from whatever dead-tree is handy, select your extruder-shape, press the lever, and presto! instant poetry!


playdo extruder 00


playdoh extruder 01


chicken paste



Elaboration by Edde Addad

Set up a couple microphones, continually feed a speech recognition (ASR) program based on background chatter, and use it to build n-grams. generate poems from the n-grams.


ASR accuracy will be terrible, but use an ASR language model built on words from local news stories and local chat boards, for example, so the mistakes will still be relevant to the local community.


I suggest a digital display output.  If you see something you like, insert a quarter and it’ll print a page.



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