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WordSalad: Not Analphabetic



The Alphabet in Pictures (source)


Rube-Goldbergish Alphabet animation - Sesame Street via Boing Boing


Google Earth Alphabet
geo-greetings sends an automated-google-earth-alphabet (independent concept)


flickr: photos tagged with ‘alphabet’
Spell with flickr
newLISP code fragment to spell with flickr - Ernest Vincent Wright’s 1939 e-less book (see also Padded Room)

The removal of vowels from text either as a method of self-censorship (for example, either “G*d” or “G-d” for those whose religious beliefs preclude writing God in full), or as a technique by forum moderators to censor Internet trolling and other unwanted posting’‘ [...] This treatment can be seen as reduction of the Latin alphabet to an abjad through the removal of vowels.”






two from BoingBoing


some @






blockheads - a Chinese language toy that... fails, somewhat - poor lookup, or poor lookup skills?


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