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WordSalad: Punctual


P;unctuation &c;


the origin of everyday punctuation symbols - I remain suspicious
the comma, in retreat


the “interval” in the works of Kenneth Goldsmith:


Such intervals punctuate [“to break into or interrupt in intervals”] the flow of time, just as the “periods of rain” repeated throughout The Weather interrupt otherwise indistinct atmospheric systems of continuously varying degrees of humidity, pressure, and saturation. But the etymological chance of that idiomatic phrase-“periods of rain”-further emphasizes the underlying concept of spacing that relates The Weather to Goldsmith’s earlier series of works on punctuation, beginning with a suite of large-format drawings from the 1990s and culminating in the chapbook Gertrude Stein On Punctuation, in which all of the punctuation marks in the eponymous section of Stein’s lecture are extracted and distributed in constellations across a triptych of pages.



Wikipedia:Pilcrow - aka ¶aragraph mark


The unlikely evolution of the @ symbol




ASCII Pronunciation Rules for Programmers



Famous quotes
Super Block Quote - breakout-type game where you knock the words out of a, erm, blockquote. with some discussion of quoting.
Scare “quotes”





Slow. Down.

Sentence punctuation to indicate slowed speech rate







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