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WordSalad: Spelling Bee

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Most Often Misspelled

100 most often misspelled words



Realms of English (not strictly spelling)
Wikpedia:American_and_British_English_differences (not strictly spelling)



grab-bag - a capital idea



kids these days

(cartoon on im abbrev-speak)
IM not killing English sez rsrchrz
a rant - uh, it’s really ranty, and not the sort of thing you should send to your boss or read at the dinner table in front of your grandmother.



Chi-Tonw (sic)









Personal note

When typing online, I always get “because” wrong. I used to think it was a speed issue, but even when I typed it slowly, just now, I hit the “u” before the “a”. Thank goodness for automatic spellcheck, or I’d never get it right.





See also

Acronomious - a page on acronyms that’s often accessed by misteak (people looking for acrimonious)

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