Turns out Cogswell ended up, somehow, teaching at Keystone College, in Factoryville, PA, where I worked in the late 90s. Cogswell was dead by then, but the library had a couple volumes of his short stories, donated by his wife. A co-worker, who was a former student, told me how Cogswell, in his 70s, was often late for class, and would arrive noisily on a motorcycle, and stride into the classroom sporting a black leather jacket and scarf.


Rock on, Ted! I’m so sorry I missed you by 10 years....


The Spectre General

Wikipedia:The_Spectre_General - a delightfully humorous piece of pulp. I read this over and over from [an illegally sold paperback that had the cover torn off].


partial text @ Jim Baen’s Universe. Buy a membership for the full text.



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Guide to the Theodore Cogswell Papers


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