Word salad is a string of words that vaguely resemble language, and may or may not be grammatically correct, but is utterly meaningless.1





Word Salad has plenty of fixings: Generators and Translation, InfiniteMonkeys and ConstructedLanguages, AsciiArt, HyperbolicBronnerism, and IncenseAndPeppermints  


If you’re just hungry, perhaps you’d like to see The Menu, grab a bite of takeout, or sit in on a meeting of the AppropriationsCommittee ?



This section, in other words, is words (and links and images) about language and writing and writers.
For words and characters that I have written, see PrantedMutter.




It has become increasingly obvious to me that the contents of PrantedMutter and WordSalad are in the wrong locations. My shambling output should be considered WordSalad, whereas texts not authored by me should be PrantedMutter.


However, I do not have a decent migration plan....



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1 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Word_salad (↑)



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