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Startup beep




see also: Emacs.EMMS?
since I installed Sonata, I’m using the variant he descried. Additionally, I installed emms via the package system. although some guesswork was involved, and a “path to the mpd binary” was never explicitly stated in the code. I appended it to the shell call to mpd


....and, can’t get it to work:

error while loading shared libraries: libid3\



Playing MP3s



I installed Sonata -
needed shortcut keys:
Sometimes I have to manually start the mpd server via


~/Activities/sonata.activity/bin/ start



....and, after 8.2 update, Sonata is still there as an activity, but link to music lib is broken. I have to admit, I haven’t even tried to restore it. I need to look at this and update...


Playing Video

Using an XO as a video-player
Internet Archive updates to Ogg for OLPC



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XO audio EMMS video multi media



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