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uses epeak


April 2008 emacspeak musing (from the emacspeak-list). TODO: See if this went anywhere.... see Emacs.Emac Speak


Free Icon-To-Speech: Open-Source Speech for Disabled


from within emacs

using shell-command for very basic control of espeak and aplay (see the core example code below) I’ve come up with the following program - speak input, region, buffer, or file.


Attach:speak.el - I’ve done some more work on this, but haven’t updated the file. It’s still pretty bare-bones pointless.


core code example

(shell-command-to-string "espeak -w temp.wav \"hello world.\"; aplay temp.wav")

(defun speak (sentence)
 (interactive "sSentence: ")
 (shell-command-to-string (concat "espeak -w temp.wav \"" sentence "\"; aplay temp.wav"))




source-forge home for EmacSpeak
installing on win32 as “it is worth mentioning that making Emacspeak for Win32 is not a trivial task ... “


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