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XRML started as electronic writing, writing on the/a computer (an AT&T PC-AT running WP 3.x, I believe). I then transitioned to typewriter and long-hand during my extended unplugged stay in Budapest -- and the writing condensed in the oven of no-revisions.


I always felt there was some other differences between hand-writing, type-writing, and computer-writing. And certainly, the tools you use influence your direction in some way -- the speed of thought bottlenecked, and other factors. Simple text editors vs word-processors vs custom-tools in Emacs (or something else).


So..... - RU Siruis interviews (briefly, but not too briefly) 10 writers.



Punctuation grid

XRML is written on a punctuation grid of periods -- after a number of experiments, these ended up being the most obviously a grid while being the least obstrusive symbol.


In case I run out, there is an online repository: (found via newsgroup posting)


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