being an xradiograph on the crystalline InterferencePatterns obtained by a superimposition of DaVinci's LaGioconda and Malevich’s TheBlackSquare.


decentralized non-linear online semi-vacuous pseudo-hermetic problematically-entitled incandescently-cascading dust-covered (re)version



Howe to Reed

The text is not linear. You can read left-to-right, top-to-bottom, if you’d like, but you can also read in other directions. The text is more like a cloud, an acrostic, a mesostic, or a futurist pointillist painting. Each ort stands on its own and is modified by the pieces surrounding it as it modifies the pieces surrounding it.


The reader is free and the text is open. It is possible to approach this text from any angle that you prefer. Whichever angle the reader decides upon, they will encounter different tangles of meaning. Then reconsider your position.


UmbertoEco’s open (or loose) text or work, can be a seat on which we park ourselves ergodically. In the book ‘Opera Aperta’ - roughly translating as the open (or loose) text, Umberto Eco propounded the idea that open works ‘appeal to the initiative of the performer. Rather than finite works which proscribe specific repetition among the given structural coordinates but as open works, which are brought to their conclusion by the performer...’



You can start (or conclude) anywhere or every where.



Digging in the Dirt

Scholarly information on xradiographs of DaVinci’s LaGioconda



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