“You must cultivate the vision of the xray” --futurist manifesto1 2


“Aut Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam” - Hannibal3


“We’re drowning in an imagery ocean. The best defense is to tear off huge hunks of it and recycle at top speed.” - Paul Mavrides4


Xrays Mona Lisa is the auto-genitor of this entire website, and deserves more respect.
Word Salad has links and thoughts on language and mixing it up.
Pranted Mutter is words that are written wrottenly all reet?




The original intent of this wiki was for writing-based words. Now, it’s the front-end for my entire website. Much of the focus is reference material -- so it may be bare-bones, link-filled pages with little commentary. I like to think it is somewhat organized, and there is some value to be gained from collation. I believe that there is value in the aggregation of links, and the (perhaps) minute changes and annotations they can collect over time. Hopefully, there is more that just links and minute annotations; worst-case scenario, that’s still valuable, and can accrue more information (value) over time.



Some of the other subdivisions:


String Can Phone
Time Line




Some of the non-wikified areas include
Interference Patterns - a blog
AmazingText - blog-based word collation (not working)
artwork -- not curated well, nor updated in, like, forever.
The antique entrance page which is not working as of 2014 (due to some old WP blogs finally getting removed)




1 to be honest, this is from memory, and I can’t find a web-citation. Nor can I find it in any translations of Futurist Manifestos. But I swear I read it once. But don’t use this for term-papers, okay? Thanks. (↑)

2 “Who can still believe in the opacity of bodies, since our sharpened and multiplied sensitiveness has already penetrated the obscure manifestations of the medium? Why should we forget in our creations the doubled power of our sight, capable of giving results analogous to those of the X-rays?” [emphasis added] Technical Manifesto of Futurist Painting  (↑)

3 “I will find a way, or make a way”, according to Wikipedia:Inveniam_viam, but it would have been in Punic, and I don’t speak Punic. Okay, I don’t speak Latin, either (↑)

4 You Can’t See Your Own Eyes: The Art of Paul Mavrides, Paul Mavrides Interviewed by Rudy Rucker (pdf) (Mondo 2000, August, 1993) I would extend this from imagery to information in general. (↑)